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We often get asked something like, "Is the right soap going to clear up my skin problem?" Did you know that soap companies are not allowed to make health claims for their soap unless they want to be regulated by the government under rules for health and medicinal products.

In our family quest to use items with pronounceable ingredients in what we eat and use on our bodies, we have been richly rewarded. As our friends know, we have been changing the way we eat around here--drastically. We seriously want to escape the 'Average American Diet'. We have moved to a "high protein, and 'best carbs' diet". I think you could say that we are mainly avoiding highly processed foods, sugars, artificial sweeteners, and unpronounceable ingredients. Our bodies are telling us that with better nutrition we are indeed on the right path. For a couple of us who needed to gain weight there have actually been healthy weight gains; and for some of us who were overweight, we have lost around 25 lbs each. For the teenagers who had struggled with acne, there have been improvements that are amazing. We are feeling better in many ways.

So we have been thinking a lot about how important it is not only to be good to our skin with natural ingredient soaps and body products, but how urgent it is to get to the core of the issue and eat in a more healthy way. We seem to have a runaway train between our science and food industries in this nation. If some wild color will frenzy a child into eating his Cereal-O's in the morning, we have "gone there" without thought as to what we are doing to our health. Stepping off of that train has made an amazing difference for us. Having come to both a healthier way of eating and to our cold processed soaps, we are very happy to have found what is best for both our insides and outsides. This has taught me to say to customers that what we put on our bodies is very important, but what we put in them is core!

Of course, Katherine Leslie Soaps are as natural as we can make them with no color or fragrance other than natural essential oils and foody additives like oats, flax, organic cocoa powder, almonds, and even coconut.

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