Been Soaping ~Read This Post for Contest~

Been soaping this afternoon. We had a really enjoyable time working with some new essential oils--many thanks to Dr. BJ! We made two batches.

This batch has already provided a Mom moment! When I came back to my soap studio, just before dinner, with one of my teen aged sons along, to get the photo you see, I lifted the lid on the batch and he immediately drew in a breath and said, "That looks like buttery mashed potatoes with chives!" I think my impression of this soap is a bit more sophisticated and herbal than he has in mind.

Here is a creamy white soap, with tiny bits of fresh rosemary leaf swirled through it in areas; some areas of each bar should remain pure creamy white. I will add cut pictures of this soap tomorrow. On top is a nice swirly texture from working with the thick soap after it was poured. Finally we sprinkled a few fresh whole leaves of rosemary on the surface. The picture is of over 10 pounds of soap. When cut, each bar may have only 4-6 leaves on top. And did I mention the wonderful Essential Oil blend of Mint and Rosemary which fragrances it naturally? This one is already smelling so nice! I am going to have a real impatient wait until I can try it in a few weeks. Cold Process soaping really teaches you that good things come to those who wait! It was a delight to make.

If you would like a chance to win a couple of bars (two) of this soap for free, please send us your suggested names for this batch by commenting below. Please be sure to provide your email address so we can contact the winner. The name chosen will be entirely at the discretion of Katherine Leslie Soaps. Naming opportunity will last until 7pm Eastern time on March 19th, 2008. If your name for this soap is chosen, we will send you two bars, we pay postage to United States destinations.


Keith O'Leary said...


My entry for the naming of the new soap contest is "Rosemary Blizzard".

Keith O'Leary

Eruaphadion said...

My name for it would be rosemary swirl! Or at least that is what I enter personally I like videoman's name for it.

Katherine Leslie Soaps said...

Dear Toa Hujo,

Please be sure to provide your email address so we can contact you if you are the winner. Thanks! ~KLS

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Katherine Leslie Soaps said...

One of my kids jumped in here & left 3 comments. I have deleted them. Also be sure to leave us your email address or your comment will be deleted. If you forget the email address, & your comment is deleted, please comment again & be sure to include email address where we can reach our winner. Thanks, ~KLS

Anonymous said...

I've got a ton of names for it, though! Rosemary snow was one, Cream of Rosemary was another, and I'll leave it at that. See ya.

Anonymous said...

Rosemary Soup Soap, Rosemary Freeze,

Anonymous said...

Because I appreciated your son's comment, and my mind is inexplicitly drawn to food evidently, I suggest the name "Company's Coming" for your soap.

Katherine Leslie Soaps said...

Dear "Company's Coming",

Please provide your email so you can be contacted should your suggestion be chosen. Thanks, ~KLS

Anonymous said...

Alpine Rosemary

K said...

Rosemary Ice sounds like a minty fresh name. K

Anonymous said...

Dear Blog author,
I hope you approve my comments. I really want to win the contest.

After hours of research... (reduced to two seconds on google)... I have learned that the Latin name for rosemary mean "Dew of the Sea" - ah... now doesn't that sound like a beautiful name for your soap. Downright makes me feel like a mermaid or was it a tuna?

Rosemary is also called the "Holy Herb" with traditions linking back to Mary... Humm... let's not go there. Other fabulous names that are much too mundane for you, I'm sure... include (since I really want to win) are: "Rosemary Mint" "Mint Rosemary" "Rosemint" "Mint of Rosemary" or how about "Spice Cabinet" or "Spice Leaves" I could go on, but will let you dwell on these treasures for the moment. Please send my winning soaps to:
Thanks! Goat Woman

Anonymous said...

"Wintergreen Swirl"

Anonymous said...

"Mary Rose"

Anonymous said...

Hey, Leslie,
I really went wild with this!!!
I tried numerous combinations of the 2 plants used to make this soap.
Here goes:
'MaryMint Swirl' or just 'MaryMint'
or spell it differently... 'Merriment' (like it sounds)
or 'Merriment Swirl'... as in ... it makes you happy (merry) to lather in its minty suds.

there's more:
'MintMary Swirl'
'MaryMint Frost'
'Merriment Frost'
'Merriment Froth'
'RoseMint Froth'
'RoseMint Frost'
'Frosty RoseMint'
'Frosty Mint Rose'

I think that's enuf...
Patti H

Unknown said...

Troubadour's Lady

Troubadour (from dictionary)
1. one of a class of medieval lyric poets who flourished principally in southern France from the 11th to 13th centuries, and wrote songs and poems of a complex metrical form in langue d'oc, chiefly on themes of courtly love.

"Roland" was the name of the Troubadour who traveled with King Richard the Lion Heart in the days of chivalry so it also conjures up all the swirls & fleur de lies (sp?) of that period! - Historically speaking! This conjures up in my imagination the wonderful fresh air of a beautiful day outdoors, flowers, herbs, fellowship, friendship and song!
Thanx. German

Unknown said...