The Aqua Effect & Cut Soap Bar Pictures

The base soap recipe that we use for most of our bars makes a wonderful lathering, and skin friendly soap. We have been able over the years to formulate a handful of recipes that we really like. But this particular recipe does the neatest thing! It gives us the "Aqua Effect" when freshly cut. This visage of aqua blue disappears within only a few hours as the soap bars are exposed to air and begin to cure. Batch after batch, if the soap is left mostly its creamy natural color, the soap bars are blue inside when cut. This does not appear in the recipe when we add oats or flax, or other additives that make the soap a beige color. We have never seen this aqua blue on any other recipe either, even if left to its lightest natural shades. The "Aqua Effect" designation is entirely our own. There is probably a proper scientific name for what is happening, but either way it is an aqua color, and it is lovely. In this particular batch with rosemary leaf bits inside, it is still visible and very pretty to see.

Included also in the same picture is the way the bars will look on the top. Each one has a few leaves of rosemary and a creamy white color, with a gentle frosting like texture to the soap surface.

Also we have a Picture of the cut "Coconut Dark Chocolate Swirl" bars. All these bars are freshly cut and will have their edges beveled before sale. Beveling is done for ease of use, so the bar can roll over better in the users hand, and it also provides the shavings which we use to make our "Shades of Natural" soap.

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