Simple Elegant Gift Giving

If you keep a dozen or two bars of Katherine Leslie Soaps on hand, you can be ready at all times to give an inexpensive, yet quality gift. Just think of the list of times that a bar or two would make a lovely hand crafted gift, at a reasonable price to anyone who enriches your life.
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Lather, Rinse & Repeat

I recently realized that I always do the "Lather, Rinse & Repeat" routine with my own soaps. I got to thinking about this and knew that I ought to explain why. Soap and detergent in our current day have largely come to be thought of as synonymous. But there are very important differences--especially in the skin care realm.

One thing that clouds the air as to which is which
is that commercial interests have blended or even switched to detergents in skin care products. Want proof of this? Next time you are at the store, read a few labels. See how many bath bars are called just that: Bath bars.....or Shower bars, or Facial bars, or anything but simple soap. This is because they are not soap, and cannot legally be labeled as soap.

Soap is a chain shaped molecule with one end being drawn to water and the other end being drawn to oil. This is how it cleans our skin. It's molecules are able to grab oil off our skin surface, and then hold to the water, washing the oil down the drain. Detergents do the same thing, but at an extremely broad scope.

Detergents are the products of saponified petroleum in various forms. They are very nice to have around for jobs where the removal of a great deal of oil is needed; like cleaning oil stains off the driveway. Soap is a far milder product. Soaps are saponified vegetable or animal oils. Soap is mild and well suited to skin cleaning without being overly drying by pulling away too much oil. I would not recommend that a mechanic wash his work pants in soap. I would definately say he needs detergent for that job. But neither would I say that we need detergents to wash our skin on a daily basis. Our skin is alive and an important organ of our bodies.

So what does all this have to do with "Lather, Rinse & Repeat"? Soap is really amazingly appropriate for skin washing. It is so gentle that the first time 'round with it, the little bit of oil on our hands can sometimes diminish the lather--but the second time around we see the full lather of the soap.

It's like a walk with a toddler; Katherine Leslie Soaps invites you to take the time to appreciate what you overlooked yesterday.

Name the Soap Contest Winner

Katherine Leslie Soaps is happy to announce the winner of our name the soap contest. We have had some very good suggestions and really enjoyed this contest.

We have two winners; suggested "Merriment". Then, suggested "Troubadour's Lady". We liked these so much that we are blending them together and awarding both as winners of two free bars of "Troubadour's Merriment" soap.

We will ask our two winners to please contact us at to provide us with the address where you want your soaps sent.

This is a creamy white soap, with tiny bits of fresh rosemary leaf swirled through it in areas; some areas of each bar remain pure creamy white. On top is a swirly texture from working with the thick soap after it was poured. Finally we sprinkled a few fresh whole leaves of rosemary on the surface. And let us again mention the wonderful Essential Oil blend of Mint and Rosemary which fragrances it naturally! "Troubadour's Merriment" is an herbal delight. Of course the lather is enhanced by coconut milk and silk protein. Bars weigh in at 4 oz each. Order from

Soap Contest Winner Announced Tonight at 7:10pm Eastern

Dear Contest Entrants,

We want to let you know that we are expecting very tempestuous weather this evening. As our sky's are already quite gray and the wind very blustery, we will just say here that if possible we will post the winner at 7:10 pm eastern .

So far we have had several good suggestions, but a few excellent ones. In just the last couple of days we have really liked some that have come in. So much so, that we are not going to have to draw from a hat. We have clear front runners. We will post at 7:10pm eastern or as soon as possible thereafter.

We have enjoyed having a contest to win free bars of soap. If you would like to have another "Win Free Soap" contest here on the blog, please comment and let us know. It's not often that we are stumped as to what to name a bar, please feel free to suggest other contest formats.

On the Drying Rack

This is a just poured soap with 5 weeks yet to go before it will be just right for facial and bath use. This post is just to let you know what is up and coming at Katherine Leslie Soaps. If you are enticed by this bar, please be aware that it cannot ship before April 9th.

This is Scarborough Fair. We have a friend who gave us the idea for this soap. She is the eyes behind our "Lady Grey" bar. It was her suggestion to feature parsley, sage, rosemary, & thyme, and then to name the soap "Scarborough Fair". This bar has lather enhanced with silk protein and coconut milk. Scarborough Fair is a facial and bath soap with a creamy soft lather and an herbal finesse. This beautiful swirled soap is creamy white with fluid motion swirls of parsley, sage, rosemary, & thyme botanicals, and essential oils--naturally the Scarborough Fair four. You do remember the song, don't you?

Bars weigh in at 4 oz each. Order from