Soap Contest Winner Announced Tonight at 7:10pm Eastern

Dear Contest Entrants,

We want to let you know that we are expecting very tempestuous weather this evening. As our sky's are already quite gray and the wind very blustery, we will just say here that if possible we will post the winner at 7:10 pm eastern .

So far we have had several good suggestions, but a few excellent ones. In just the last couple of days we have really liked some that have come in. So much so, that we are not going to have to draw from a hat. We have clear front runners. We will post at 7:10pm eastern or as soon as possible thereafter.

We have enjoyed having a contest to win free bars of soap. If you would like to have another "Win Free Soap" contest here on the blog, please comment and let us know. It's not often that we are stumped as to what to name a bar, please feel free to suggest other contest formats.

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