Name the Soap Contest Winner

Katherine Leslie Soaps is happy to announce the winner of our name the soap contest. We have had some very good suggestions and really enjoyed this contest.

We have two winners; suggested "Merriment". Then, suggested "Troubadour's Lady". We liked these so much that we are blending them together and awarding both as winners of two free bars of "Troubadour's Merriment" soap.

We will ask our two winners to please contact us at to provide us with the address where you want your soaps sent.

This is a creamy white soap, with tiny bits of fresh rosemary leaf swirled through it in areas; some areas of each bar remain pure creamy white. On top is a swirly texture from working with the thick soap after it was poured. Finally we sprinkled a few fresh whole leaves of rosemary on the surface. And let us again mention the wonderful Essential Oil blend of Mint and Rosemary which fragrances it naturally! "Troubadour's Merriment" is an herbal delight. Of course the lather is enhanced by coconut milk and silk protein. Bars weigh in at 4 oz each. Order from

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